Road Race Hill Climb Criterium


Road Race

Sat, August 5th |  Horse Creek (Cochrane)


The road race takes place on Horse Creek Rd just outside the Town of Cochrane. With its rolling hills and majestic scenery, all racers are challenged by the 22 kilometer course.

Technical Guide

Course Description


  • Staging and Start – Weedon Pioneer Hall.
  • Riders will head west down Weedon Road to a marshaled right turn, heading north onto Horse Creek Road. The race will be neutral until after this turn.
  • There is a slight left turn at the 272, then a right onto Horse Creek Rd again.
  • Racers will ride north to just before TWP RD 284 to the designated turn-around.
  • Women 1/2/3 will turn before RD 280 on their final lap
  • Racers return on the same route and turn-around in front of Weedon Pioneer Hall.
  • The finish line will be on the up-hill section of Weedon Road several hundred meters back of Weedon Pioneer Hall




  • All Race participants are required to sign on at Weedon Pioneer Hall at least 15 minutes prior to their start time. Racers who have not done so already must present their license to the Technical Delegate to receive numbers.
  • You will receive your race numbers at your first event.
  • Snacks and beverages will be available at the Weedon Pioneer Community Hall for Racers and Volunteers at the end of the events.
  • Racer’s meals are not provided.
  • Please remove cycling shoes before entering Weedon Pioneer Hall.
  • Results and awards to follow as soon as possible after each category.




  • From Calgary, head northwest on Crowchild Trail, to HWY 1A. Continue west for 20km to Cochrane. Stay on the HWY 1A through Cochrane for 2.5km until reaching the lighted intersection of HWY 1A and HWY 22.
  • Turn right and go north on HWY 22, up the hill. Head north for 7km until the intersection of the RNG RD 567/ Big Hill Springs Road, and HWY 22. Turn right and enter the Big Hill Shell Parking lot.
  • Race Staging and Start area will be on the west side of HWY 22, directly across from the Shell/ RV Park, on Weedon Road. The Weedon Pioneer Community Hall is the central spot for the A.B.A., wheel cars, and Marshalls, First Aid, Media and Volunteers. There will be no parking for racers at the hall for registration or the race.




  • Racers must park at the Big Hill Shell gas bar on the EAST side of HWY 22. This will be marshall controlled/limited parking situation. Please obey the Parking Coordinators. Those wanting to set up Team tents, warm-up equipment, etc. are advised to arrive early to get the space you need.
  • The parking lot and gas bar/ RV Park will be open to the public during this event. Please use caution while in the area and on your bikes. Cyclists need to represent our user group in a responsible, courteous manner to ensure future use of this venue. Riders should be wearing a helmet at all times when on their bicycle. Thanks to Sean Veraat of The Spring Hill Group undertaking arrangements for us.
  • Please safely cross HWY 22 from the Big Hill Gas Bar to the Weedon Pioneer Hall or sign on.  HWY 22 at the 567 is an uncontrolled, extremely busy intersection.  Exercise EXTREME CAUTION when crossing.  Remember: this is a long weekend travel day.
  • Weedon Pioneer Hall parking is reserved for organizers, race officials, FIRST AID, and media. There will be no parking for racers at the Hall for registration or the race.
  • PARKING is NOT allowed on the Race Course of Weedon Road, Horse Creek Road or residents’ driveways, as per County of Rocky View. The future of our event depends on cooperation of all parties participating.




Check map for feed zone details. The feed zone is open northbound on the second lap of two lap races and in both directions on the second lap and northbound on the third lap of three lap races.
Riders must dispose of garbage and bottles only in the feed zone.




  • Wheel cars will be wheels in wheels out unless the car is full where it will become neutral. The wheel vehicle will service you from behind on the right side of the road and you are responsible for changing your own wheel. You will not get any drafting to help you back to the group. ABA Rules link




During the race you may hear a few quick honks of a horn, this means that following traffic is trying to pass. Please neutralize yourselves briefly until the traffic has passed safely. This also applies when groups of different Categories try to blend together.

If you are dropped by the peleton, you must stay to the right and obey all traffic signs and laws. If another group catches up to you, you cannot ride or work with the group or be involved in the final sprint.

There will be a sweep vehicle following the last rider on the course so you won’t be left alone if you need help. Depending on the position of the last rider, the sweep may take a few minutes to get up to you.




If you retire or abandon the race, please tell a Commissaire at the finish line. Once you finish, clear the finish area quickly and do not cross the finish line again while riding your bike. Do not congregate around the finish line as this may cause oncoming traffic to enter the finish area and causes danger to other riders.




  • This event will be run according to UCI, CCC & ABA rules & regulations. Riders are responsible to read & understand the regulations. They can be found online.
  • Certified FIRST AID responders will attend the Road Race. Weedon Pioneer Hall is the designated First Aid Point. Marshals on the Course will have radios and cell phones for easy communication.
  • Porta-potties will be available at the Feed Zone area, in the parking area of Big Hill Gas Bar and at Weedon Pioneer Hall.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated, including, but not limited to, public urination, littering, and profane language. Officials have the right to assess penalties and disqualify riders from the race if deemed necessary. We are on public roads and we want to remain welcome. Please do your part to ensure this is possible.
  • Where it is deemed that the image or reputation of the Tour de Bowness may be blemished, organizers reserve the right at any time to exclude riders.

Event Schedule


9:00am Staging of Categories
9:05am Category 1/2 start
3 loops @ 44km = 132km
9:10am Category 3 start
3 loops @ 44km = 132km
9:16am Category 4 start
2 loops @ 44km = 88 km
9:22am Category 5 start
2 loops @ 44km = 88 km
9:25am Category Women 1,2,3
2 loops @ 44km3/4 loop @ 35km= 123km
9:30am Category Women 4,5
2 loops @ 44km = 88 km
9:35am Category Youth
1 loops @ 44km = 44 km