Road Race Hill Climb Criterium


Cory Meza Memorial Criterium

Mon, August 7th  |  Bowness (Calgary)

A criterium is a fast race on a short circuit with the city streets closed to traffic. Racers reach speeds of up to 70 km/hr as they race on the circuit that loops from Bowness Rd, past Bow Cycle and back around the winding streets of the community of Bowness.
This event is a crowd-favorite as the racers take the turns at high speed and the constant sprinting whips the crowd into a frenzy as riders compete for cash prizes known as lap primes (pronounced “preems”).

As of writing, the the Bownesian pave has been smoothed out!

Technical Guide

Course Description


  • The criterium course is 960m with 7 turns, a small hill, a chicane and some good old Bownesian pavement. A long straight away (with a typical tailwind) makes for a fast finish.
  • The wheel pit is located just before the start line on the rider’s right.
  • The wheel pit is not neutral, you must provide your own wheels.
  • Team tent area is located in front of Undercurrents on Bowness Rd NW for teams and riders to put up tents and warm up.



  • All Racers must be per-registered and need to show their license/sign on at Bow Cycle at least 15 minutes before your race starts. Riders who have not done so already must present their license to the Technical Delegate to receive numbers. Ensure that your signature appears on the sign-on sheets. Riders who fail to do so may be fined.
  • Course open for warm up at 8:00am. Please use caution as set up may still be in progress. The course will be open for at least one lap after each event.
  • The course will be open to the next category only after the last rider in an event has finished and until 10 minutes before start time of the next event.
  • Each race will be led by a motorcycle. Any rider caught by the motorcycle is considered to have been lapped and must pull off the course at the end of the lap on which they are caught by the motorcycle. If the lead rider laps the field, all riders remain in the race.
  • Results and awards to follow as soon as possible after each category.


  • Women 4,5 – 2 Primes
  • Category 5 – 3 Primes
  • Category 4 – 3 Primes
  • Category 3 – 3 Primes
  • Women 1,2,3 – 3 Primes
  • Category 1/2 – 4 Primes


  • The Criterium course is located in downtown Bowness on 64th Street and Bowness Road NW.
  • Parking is available behind Hextall Place and east of 64th Street on Bowness Road.



A ticket for a post criterium meal provided by Salt & Pepper Restaurant will be available at Sign on. Come and enjoy the Bowness Street Festival during and after the Criterium on Monday, August 1st.



  • This event will be run according to UCI, CCC & ABA rules & regulations. Riders are responsible to read & understand the regulations. They can be found online.
  • Washroom facilities will be provided behind Bow Cycle near the Community Garden.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated, including, but not limited to, public urination, littering, and profane language. Officials have the right to assess penalties and disqualify riders from the race if deemed necessary. We are on public roads and we want to remain welcome. Please do your part to ensure this is possible.
  • Where it is deemed that the image or reputation of the Tour de Bowness may be blemished, organizers reserve the right at any time to exclude riders.

Event Schedule

8:00am Course open for training
9:00am Women Cat 4/5 – 20 laps
9:45am Category 5 – 20 laps
10:30am Category 4 – 30 laps
11:20am Category U17/15 – 15 laps
12:20pm Category 3 – 35 laps
1:20pm Women Cat 1/2/3 – 25 laps
2:20pm Category 1/2 – 45 laps